The Battle and Temptation Part III

In the research I have done over the last decade in my own battles and in preparation to speak, teach, and counsel on this topic, other tidbits have come up that have been impressive to me.  I feel like I can certainly speak with confidence when I say that the money makers in the pornography industry…
hate our families – or rather, they love them in the way a hyena loves Wildebeest.
they target the weak and the young.
I remember when Pocahontas came out (aside from the rumors that Disney execs wanted her drawn so that her “clothes defied gravity” and that they presented her as a 21 year old Native model rather than her historical age when she met John  Smith – aged 12.)  I read that every possible MIS-spelling of the name took you to a pornographic site.
This was an unabashed and intentional attempt to target children.  I have also heard, though not confirmed, that this is done anytime a new kids movie comes out.
I know that common topics that families or children might typically seek out are often pornographic websites as well.
It is disgusting to the degree it is true.
Ask yourself…  why are they fighting against the (.xxx) ending to websites so that all pornographic sites would be easily identifiable and avoidable?
I can only think of one reason, and I certainly don’t buy that it is their belief in “freedom of speech.”  I certainly don’t think it would be a defiance of my free speech if I am not allowed to advertise myself as a medical doctor or a US General… nor is it a restriction of my free speech that I have to let people know that I am an LPC if they come for counseling.
In fact, I am proud to display the results of God’s blessings and my hard work.  I guess these purveyors of free speech and art aren’t proud enough of what they have wrought to have it clearly identified.
Maybe they are worried that protection software and parents could too easily keep children from viewing it.
They are just selling what my youth minister used to call “candied poison.”  Sometimes the taste is sweet, but the consequence is still death.
So, some quick ideas about how to engage in this battle:
1.   See that it is a battle and that someone wins if we give in.  Someone we wouldn’t want to win… someone who is strategically seeking to destroy innocence and addict our children and wreck families.  War has been declared upon our families.  Will we fight?  Ever heard the axiom:  all that good people must do for evil to triumph is… nothing.
2.  Don’t try to fight the battle alone.  Friendship, accountability and prayer are key.  In addition to having a couple of key people who can ask you, and WILL ask you tough questions, I recommend the 3xchurch programs for accountability.  Look them up at for more information.  No software is perfect, but the simple accountability that can be found with this can be helpful.  If stuck in the middle of the temptation daily, make sure to get face to face time with someone as often as you need to win the battle… that when the day is done, you stand.
Another version of relationship is this:  you may need to engage the services of a professional counselor.  Don’t be afraid to take that step.  Addiction is a real issue that most Christian counselors are trained to help with.
3.   Make no provision.  Paul reminds us in Romans 13:14 not to “make provision” for the flesh and lust.  If I want to lose weight, storing donuts is not a good plan, no matter how convinced I am that I will not eat them… because eventually, I will.  Get filtering software, put it on every internet portal you own.  Throw away anything that might tempt you, or might tempt anyone else in your family.  Cancel channels, toss catalogues…   movies, whatever.
4.  Move along.  Get up and re-engage in life.  The less time spent focusing in on even the failure can often bring us back like a magnet.  God’s word promises that God not only forgives (ok, we can kind of understand that, right?) , but also cleanses us from all unrighteousness! (1 John 1:9).  We confess – it is GONE.  Cleansed.  Washed down the drain.  Don’t wallow in guilt… don’t spend too long staring at the oncoming headlights, or you might find yourself slowly veering back that way.
So, to quote the guy in Mos Eisley, “move along…”  (after all, these actually aren’t the droids you’re looking for).
I pray blessings on you as you struggle with whatever weak point in your life that our enemy has and does target.  Remember that typically we aren’t very good at winning these alone, but God’s Spirit is really good at it…
So fight to submit to our King.  If we can win the struggle of submitting to Him, then our victory is at hand… when we let Him win the fight for and with  us.
And, if you are ever tempted to “use” these feelings to help you engage with your spouse.  Think again.
and you might Take a second and pray for brothers and sisters trapped in this industry and trapped by this industry, to find freedom.   Blessings.

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  1. What if married couples use pornography to stimulate their sexual experiences together? Doctors and psychologist have recommended pornography for couples that suffer with erectile dysfunctions or lack of stimuli. What role do you think the intent for indulging in pornography plays in the eyesight of the Lord when He has put all of these longings in our mindset?

    1. I would still not be a fan and I still think it would biblically count as “sexual immorality”. I think all throughout scripture we see people decide to fix a problem with a sinful solution and it costs in the long run. I think, even in the case of ED or lack of desire, morality has to win out. Would engaging in other expression of sexual immorality be ok in an effort to fix ED problems? No, I would stand by finding another option – especially given the consequences that can follow – and the fact that it would still be an illicit expression of sexuality. Of course, intent always matters with a God who judges the heart, not merely the external actions, but I think with the knowledge of something being wrong, the requirement to live out the intent to submit and obey still matters.

      1. I agree with you to a great degree, but still struggle with intent. I look at key Godly men in the Bible who had many wives and concubines whom God closely walked with that indulged in erotica. However, I do know that when you over indulge, as these men did, it took their hearts away from the Lord and they allowed the lust of their mind to lead them to murder and searching after false gods (David & Solomon). I guess it is as what God told Cain in Genesis, sin waited at the door, huh?

        1. yeah, but we dont have any indication that God was ok with their multiple wives, especially given the forbidding of kings having many wives in DT 17. There is no doubt that God judges the heart, not merely the outward actions, but I would say it would be very hard to invite pornography into your marriage and still be above reproach.

  2. You haven’t actually explained why pornography is “evil”. Like many religious arguments, you’re simply stating that something is evil and encouraging yourself and others to believe it is true by quoting phrases from the bible. G-d did not say that sexuality is evil. G-d did not say that his creation, the naked body, is evil. In fact, I strongly believe that G-d created sexual intercourse for enjoyment and because creating new life is a beautiful thing. I am unsure of how I feel about pornography and certainly the pornographic industry, however, I am infuriated to hear people arguing against something without a valid case against it. We turn away from things we don’t understand because they scare us. That is the basis for many religious arguments. Fear.

    1. so that you know, I totally agree with sexuality is a great blessing from God! Of course the naked body is also not evil – and the statement that sexual intercourse was created for joy, beauty, etc. As to your critique, I really feel like I did a pretty good job of distinguishing between sex and sexual immorality… I assume you would agree that while sex is not sinful (far from it)… that there are ways that people can engage with sex that would be?

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